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A brief selection of successful events is given below. Each one was a unique experience with the focus on guests’ requirements. Ranging from corporate events to boat christenings and private parties, we aim to surprise your guests in every possible way and exceed their expectations.

Ballet dinnerBallet dinner – Dutch National Opera & Ballet | 175 guests

Each year the Dutch National Ballet organizes the cultural benefit dinner for the top of Dutch business. During dinner the guests could enjoy the live top notch ballet in surprising styles. During reception the dancers surprised the guests by dancing in between the guests, followed by a main course served behind the stage during a regular show. This way the guests became a part of the performance.

Private-event Private-event – De Duif, Rijksmuseum and Olympic Stadion | 150 guests

An event so exclusive it is on every caterers wish-list; customer service and exclusivity were brought to a higher level: at least 5 kilos of white truffles were flown in especially for this occasion; Dom Pérignon Methusalem (6 litres) was abundantly flowing and the Olympic Stadium was turned into a cricket field. All of this made this event Amsterdam’s most exclusive event of the year. With only three weeks of preparation and changing needs, and therefore a schedule-change at the drop of a hat, we were facing a very big challenge. Nevertheless we all pulled together and seeing the result was ever so special, we were thrilled!

RMA Top –  RijksmuseumRMA top – Rijksmuseum | 400 guests

KPN organizes an annual relation event where customers and relations customers and relations are inspired and informed about KPN as network facilitator in a surprising way. Select Catering was invited to organize the exclusive walking dinner,  including hostesses opening oysters for the guests. A variation of small fish-and meat dishes and to top it off, there were eclairgirls filling eclairs with a creamy stuffing for the guests. The guests could choose between vanilla, raspberry or a delicious chocolate stuffing. This, in combination with decoration by Koolhaas Concepts and inspiring stories from different speakers made this event very special in every way possible.

Techsummit – ZiggodomeTechsummit – Ziggodome | 1800 & 1400 guests

The annual Techsummit by Liberty Global is an event where Liberty Global’s tech-partners come together with tech-experts from around the world.  Not only did we provide breakfast and lunch for 1800 guests, the biggest challenge was the setup for the dinner. In no more than two hours time we transformed the Ziggo Dome’s Big Hall from conference room to a 1400 guest sit-down dinner, without the guests noticing. This is usually planned and realized in one full workday.

Please have a look at our time lapse video for a nice view behind the scenes:

Wedding – Private LocationWedding – Private Location | 300 ceremonial guests

For this wedding we have transformed two beautiful gardens including ponds into a waterproof marriage location. The first garden was themed ‘festival-chic’ which we have decorated abundantly with Chinese lanterns, large bouquets of fresh field flowers and lounge seats decorated with large comfortable pillows in pastels. The second garden is entirely decorated according to the ‘outdoors’ theme. What was expected to become a very rainy day actually became a beautiful sunny day filled with beautiful speeches, refreshing cocktails and a beautiful culinary experience.

25th anniversary of an exclusive furniture wholesale | 300 guests25th anniversary of an exclusive furniture wholesale | 300 guests

Paris was the chosen theme of this chic gala dinner with a party following. Round dinner tables, abundant décor, hostesses in petticoats and a gourmet 6-course, French cuisine menu. Within a few hours we have turned the headquarters of this furniture supplier into a dazzling city of lights. Et ils ont dansé jusqu'au petit matin…

Boat christening Vanish – The National Maritime MuseumBoat christening Vanish – The National Maritime Museum | 110 guests

Superyacht Vanish was constructed in the Netherlands at shipyard Royal Van Lent situated on Kaag Island. The christening took place at the jetty of The National Maritime Museum.

The festive boat christening with reception on the water actually meant organizing an event on a pontoon, serving as a link between The National Maritime Museum and the yacht of 66 meters (a little over 216 feet) which is actually longer than the whole museum! Because this is a very rare and special occasion, the media of course caught onto it and wrote many articles in Dutch newspapers:


Also international press noticed:


Opening of the exhibition ‘Easy Virtue’ - Van Gogh MuseumOpening of the exhibition ‘Easy Virtue’ - Van Gogh Museum | 450 guests

Easy Virtue was a collaboration between the Musée d’Orsay and the Van Gogh Museum, the exhibition contained artists depicting prostitution as an aspect of modern life in the city of Paris in the period 1850-1910. To compliment the exhibition, Select Catering provided seductive culinary bites by adding aphrodisiacs (ingredients that cause or increases sexual desire). This meant a menu filled with foods like oysters prepared live by hostesses, lips of goose liver with raspberry, rose almond and lychee, and cornetto’s filled with creamcheese and fennel seeds.

Armin van Buuren Embraces Vincent _ Van Gogh Museum Armin van Buuren Embraces Vincent _ Van Gogh Museum | 600 guests

Armin van Buuren’s festive and unique showcase to launch the multimedia guide-tour was hot news. The unique showcase celebrated the launch of Embrace Vincent, the special edition of the multimedia guide developed by Van Buuren in collaboration with the museum. To express his fascination of Van Gogh. Select Catering was honored by the task to culinary pamper the guests.

During reception our authentic Berkel slicer from 1938 was set up and ready for preparing charcuterie live. After taking the multimedia tour the guests were treated to a live set by Armin, while enjoying fingerfood like beef tataki with ponzu, garlic chips with spring onion and tuna tartar with wasabi cream, puffed rice and a soy-gel.

Please view the next link:

Liberty Global Summit – Ziggodome Liberty Global Summit – Ziggodome | 1400 guests

The international cable giant’s annual summit was organized in the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam and the Ziggodome. A full programme with various elements was followed by a plenary setting that had to be transformed for a sit-down three-course dinner. Service was timed to the minute and accompanied by a spectacular programme.

Day at the park – Ziggodome Day at the park – Ziggodome | 600

We provided all the catering for an important cable congress, organized by Luidkeels. Based on the theme ‘Day at the Park’, various foodtrucks served different specialities. For example, guests could watch pasta being made, compose a salad from a vegetable garden or enjoy the ‘Catch of the Day’ fish stall. What’s more, our hosts and hostesses served streetfood and oysters.

RMA top - Rijksmuseum RMA conference – Rijksmuseum | 400 people

An annual conference organized by one the Rijksmuseum’s main sponsors to which leaders from the Dutch corporate world were invited. The event included a plenary programme with various well-known speakers followed by a walking dinner that gave guests the chance to network. Although the programme changes every year, we ensure that the culinary element is at the same high level as these special guests.

Inoui bootdoop scheepvaartmuseum Inoui boat launch - The Scheepvaartmuseum | 120 guests

A pontoon with custom-made furniture, footbridges, plants, a cocktail bar with professional Brazilian caipirinha shakers and delicious drinks and snacks. 120 guests from all over the world were flown in to an amazing location and a brand new bright green yacht. All this ensured a fantastic launch of the new vessel.

Diners op het Open Pleyn Open Pleyn – The Scheepvaartmuseum | Various

We regularly provide dinners in the splendid Open Pleyn courtyard, for groups of 80 to 600 people. For each event, we provide the culinary element, programme, furnishings, decoration and logistics in line with the client’s requirements. Each time we manage to provide a perfect event for any kind of target group.

Eventbranche borrel – EYE Filmmuseum Eventbranche drinks party – EYE Filmmuseum | 350 guests

A large number of members of Eventbranche attended this event and they were very surprised by the catering concept. An old Dutch sweet trolley that was later transformed into a nut stall, Dutch hotdogs, grandmother’s meatballs and filled eggs with Russian salad formed the ingredients for the theme ‘Old Amsterdam in a new jacket’.

Adobe EYE Filmmuseum Adobe – EYE Filmmuseum | 300 guests

Twice now we have provided the catering for Adobe’s annual conference in EYE. It’s a day when the guests want for nothing and the Adobe logo is incorporated in surprising ways. From the staff’s clothing to petit fours and bottles of water in the cinema.

Rijksmuseum - Divers Rijksmuseum: various

We regularly have the privelege of organizing wonderful receptions and dinners for sponsors and patrons at this unique location. These events vary from 10 people in front of The Night Watch, 250 people in the Gallery of Honour, receptions in the Great Hall and discussions in the Library to daylong programmes in the Picnic Room and walking dinners in the Atrium for 400 people.

opening scheepvaartmuseum MPI (Meeting Professionals International) – EYE Filmmuseum | 225 guests

A programme for 225 industry professionals with the theme ‘For your eyes only’. Even this target group was pleasantly surprised by the spectacular culinary element, including eye lollies, shots from a tree trunk, specially made hamburger cartons, the level of service and everything else involved.

Unibail-Rodamco – EYE Filmmuseum Unibail-Rodamco – EYE Filmmuseum | 200 guests

Drinks and a party for 200 guests in the Arena. Using the latest technology, the whole venue was lit up by wonderful projections. With all this, the culinary element couldn’t fall short and we helped complete the guest’s overall experience.

Liberty Global Liberty Global - Passengers Terminal Amsterdam | 1000 guests

The international cable giant’s annual summit was organized in the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam and the Ziggodome. A full programme with various elements was followed by a plenary setting that had to be transformed for a sit-down three-course dinner. Service was timed to the minute and accompanied by a spectacular programme.

Porsche Centrum Amsterdam – Akzo Nobel Akzo Nobel – Porsche Centrum Amsterdam | 50 guests

The departure of a board member of a major international company was celebrated with a dinner in the Porsche Amsterdam showroom. High-end ‘boys’ food’ was served. Including large plates of crunchy chicken, potato wedges, corn cobs and coleslaw.

Eiffel – EYE Filmmuseum Eiffel – EYE Filmmuseum | 550 guests

A Christmas party throughout the venue for 550 guests with a walking dinner and a party. The entire building was transformed into a genuine party location. With open kitchens, special welcome shots, dancers and performances, it was an unforgettable Christmas celebration.

KLM Skippers  - EYE Filmmuseum KLM Skippers - EYE Filmmuseum | 75 guests

Dinner for 75 guests in the Arena.
The Arena was transformed into an exclusive dinner venue, with a special menu by Restaurant De Bokkedoorns **, which was served from an open kitchen on the top floor of the restaurant.

Rado – EYE Filmmuseum Rado – EYE Filmmuseum

An intimate dinner in the IJ Lounge. The ‘black and white’ theme was incorporated throughout, in the food, furnishings and staff uniforms.

Bijenkorf – EYE Filmmuseum Bijenkorf – EYE Filmmuseum | 350 guests

Infoday 2012 for 350 employees of the Bijenkorf throughout the entire venue, all the cinemas were used and at various times a delicious lunch was provided along with other catering services.

Fluor - Scheepvaartmuseum Fluor – The Scheepvaartmuseum | 50 guests

An amazing dinner in the Heldenhoek for 50 people, provided by high-end chefs from two-Michelin-star Restaurant De Bokkedoorns.

 Project 4 – Scheepvaartmuseum Project 4 – The Scheepvaartmuseum | 220 guests

A walking dinner in the Heldenhoek for 220 guests at the Worldpay congress.

PON Automotive – Audi Summer Night – Stedelijk MuseumPON Automotive – Audi Summer Night – Stedelijk Museum | 300 guests

We have organized this terrific event twice now. Once in partnership with Le Patron Cuisiniers and once with Kasteel Heemstede. Hundreds of Audi drivers were invited to a unique summer night in the Stedelijk Museum with the opportunity to enjoy the modern art on display in this extraordinary museum.

Rabobank – Stedelijk Museum | 1080 gastenRabobank – Stedelijk Museum | 1080 guests

A high-end sit-down dinner for 70 major clients in the Zadelhoff Café. The cooperative bank also organized a walking dinner for 240 guests along with a drinks party for 1080 guests. Both were a great success.

Carl Zeiss – Stedelijk MuseumCarl Zeiss – Stedelijk Museum | 100 guests

A reception for 100 guests in the Schiphol Lounge followed by a dinner in the Auditorium. Despite the lack of daylight, this space was a wonderfully distinctive location where the emphasis was on the dinner and the various speakers.

Nike – Stedelijk Museum | 80 gastenNike – Stedelijk Museum | 80 guests

Nike’s international management was invited to a dinner with Marcel Wanders as the theme. Despite the unexpected absence of Marcel Wanders himself, it was an amazing dinner and a highly successful evening with countless Marcel Wanders details incorporated in the decoration and menu.

Nike – RijksmuseumNike – Rijksmuseum | 80 guests

The Dutch national soccer team’s away kit 2013, provided by Nike, was presented in the Great Hall by Louis van Gaal and other players from the team. The breakfast was presented in 17th-century style as a still life which woke up both the press and the players in the early morning.

Financieel dagblad - Scheepvaartmuseum  |  120 gastenFinancieel dagblad – Rijksmuseum, The Scheepvaartmuseum | 120 guests

Panel discussions between CEOs of various Dutch companies with a dinner for 120 guests in the Atrium of the Rijksmuseum in 2013. The following year, we once again organized this extraordinary event but this time in the Scheepvaartmuseum. For the various programme elements, guests were guided through the Heldenhoek and finally enjoyed dinner in the Open Pleyn courtyard.

Mindsetting Creative – Koopman InternationalMindsetting Creative – Koopman International | 1000 guests

An indoor fair for the staff to celebrate the opening of a new wing, with foodstations with different themes and international influences.

OCC – SMA / Van GoghOC&C – The Scheepvaartmuseum, Van Gogh Museum | 110 guests

Select Catering was honoured to provide two dinners at an annual meeting spread over several days in the Scheepvaartmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. Since the same guests would be present at both dinners, Select Catering chose two different menus suitable for each venue. Modern furnishings with a walking first course in the Van Gogh Museum and a classic and intimate dinner at round tables in the Open Pleyn courtyard with live piano accompaniment.

SMA – DELTADelta Amsterdam – the Scheepvaartmuseum | 220 guests

A splendid dinner in the Open Pleyn courtyard with round tables arranged in a circle around the stage. Matching wines were presented by a special sommelier, a female singer performed between courses and there was also a successful after-party.

Aviv Harmonie – BloemenveilingAviv Harmonie – Flower auction | 150 guests

During the trade fare at FloraHolland in Aalsmeer, Aviv Harmonie organized two daylong programmes with one evening party where customers were invited for a trip to the beach. In the room where flowers are processed and packed, a beach in Israel was simulated using large projections, sand and beach furniture. Of course the culinary element was adapted to fit this and traditional Israeli products were even flown in for the event.

Pieterskerk Leiden – QuarigaQuadriga – Pieterskerk Leiden | 140 guests

A unique, water-themed dinner at long tables with modern chairs. Strikingly tall bouquets and a plenary programme beforehand helped make it a fanstastic evening for guests.

Melkweg Amsterdam – RabobankRabobank – Melkweg Amsterdam | 160 guests

In collaboration with Ron Blaauw, a fantastic dinner was organized along with an entertainment programme throughout the evening. Since the tables were arranged in a fan formation around the stage and the open kitchen was situated at the side of the room, all guests had a clear view of the stage and the culinary operations.

Felix Meritis – Akzo Akzo Nobel – Felix Meritis | 185 guests

The different rooms in Felix Meritis were used to maximum effect with an aperitief on the first floor, a wonderful sit-down dinner in the oval room below, followed by an after-party on the first floor. The furnishings were fully in keeping with the style of the venue and the dinner was organized according to the tastes of the guest of honour, who was leaving the company. 

opening scheepvaartmuseumAfrican Parks Foundation - Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam | 100 gasten

Voor de African Parks Foundation verzorgden wij het jaarlijkse diner voor 100 donateurs in het Stedelijk Museum. Na een uitgebreide rondleiding door het museum, werden de gasten ontvangen in het Zadelhoff Café, waarna zij aan de lange wit gedekte tafels plaats namen op de omloop rondom de grote trap. Aansluitend aan het hoofdgerecht werd het dessert geserveerd in het Zadelhoff Café, waardoor de gasten de mogelijkheid hadden tot interactie en gesprekken over het afgelopen jaar en de gehouden presentaties.

Sit-down Stedelijk MuseumSit-down dinner at the Stedelijk Museum | 80 guests

At the beginning of October, Select Catering was honoured to organize the annual CFO dinner for one of the Netherlands’ largest banks in the newly opened Stedelijk Museum. A three-course, sit-down dinner for over 80 guests with high standards and expectations. The evening’s theme was ‘space travel’. As well as a speech by André Kuipers, the theme was highlighted by amuse-bouches in the form of planets and an edible earth as dessert.

Copyright photography: Hannie Verhoeven

PICNIC FestivalPICNIC Festival | 500 guests

Since 2006, the annual PICNIC Festival has been one of Europe’s biggest events focusing on innovation and creativity. Over two days, we provided the catering for the various activities and meetings for different international parties. By offering exceptional service and the best quality in everything we served during breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner, we were able to facilitate the most important aspects of this event (mutual contact and networking). 

Olympic GamesOlympic Games | 760 guests

For two whole weeks, Select Catering welcomed various guests of Delta Lloyd (including the Dutch Olympic sailing team) on board the ‘Holland’ tugboat. With daily changing menus alternately based on Dutch and English dishes, on board a ship with a small galley and work areas, we showed that we can handle any challenge and make a fantastic event of it.

opening stedelijk museum amsterdamOpening of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam | 7,800 guests

In the week from 16 to 22 September, Select Catering handled the opening of the Stedelijk Museum in partnership with Maison van den Boer. It was a week filled with events, drinks parties, lunches, dinners and parties for 15 to 1,500 guests from home and abroad. Culminating of course, with the official opening on Saturday 22 September by Her Majesty the Queen.

75th anniversary of Internationaal Handelshuis75th anniversary of Internationaal Handelshuis | 1,200 guests

On 31 March 2012, we organized the 75th anniversary celebrations of a renowned international firm in partnership with Mindsetting Creative. After a large reception at the company’s premises in Amsterdam, all 1,200 guests were transported by boat to the Scheepvaartmuseum where dinner was followed by a glittering gala evening with numerous performances by famous artists.

Merger party in De Duif AmsterdamMerger party in De Duif Amsterdam | 230 guests

To mark the merger of two companies, we organized a standing dinner followed by a gala evening at De Duif in Amsterdam. We thought of everything: valet parking, the Violinas, a gospel choir and gifts as guests departed.

Photography: Heidi Borgart

Douwe EgbertsDouwe Egberts | 150 guests

At the Westergasfabriek we provided the catering during a three-day presentation of the new logo and stock-market flotation of Douwe Egberts. A seminar was held during the day where guests experienced the brand in an interactive way. In the evening they had drinks and dined together.

EYE – openingEYE – opening | 6,500 guests

As caterer of the new EYE Film Institute, for 14 days in April, we marked the opening by organizing several events each day. From sponsor dinners to premieres, and of course the grand opening in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen.

RijksmuseumRijksmuseum | 135 guests

A conference organized by lead sponsors of the Rijksmuseum to which 100 major business contacts were invited. A plenary programme with various well known speakers was followed by a standing dinner where guests had the chance to network. The aim was to encourage attendees to introduce ‘new life and work’ into their own organizations.

Food InspirationFood Inspiration | 50 guests

An entire day devoted to the latest trends in food and beverages. A bicycle tour of the most inspiring venues in Amsterdam with a unique presentation at every location. As caterer of the new EYE Film Institute, we were an essential part of this tour.

Scheepvaartmuseum Juice EventsScheepvaartmuseum Juice Events | 325 guests

To mark the departure of the CEO of a Dutch multinational, an official farewell reception was organized in the Scheepvaartmuseum. Every detail was covered, from valet parking to an ‘invisible cloakroom’ to amuse-bouches from the different countries where the organization operates.

Royal Huisman boat christening PumulaRoyal Huisman boat christening of the Pumula | 90 guests

In May, we once again organized a boat christening at the Scheepvaartmuseum for the renowned shipyard company Royal Huisman. The ‘Pumula’ is a real pleasure yacht and the atmosphere at the event had to reflect this of course. A cruise through the Amsterdam canals, an outdoor reception by the boat and a buffet dinner where guests were made to feel that they were on a tropical island beach.

Photography: Hans Westerink

NieuwjaarsreceptieNew Year’s reception – 3 venues | 2,600 guests

Every year we organize a New Year’s party for the entire staff of a well known insurance company. This year, the party was even bigger since it took place at three different venues instead of one. With the theme ‘Olympic Games’, the event ushered in 2012 in an unforgettable way.

Red Bull – Copa del TorroRed Bull – Copa del Torro | 650 guests

This year, the after-party of the famous ‘Copa del Torro’ was held at a secret location (the Scheepvaartmuseum). Eight hundred people from 16 different countries came by pleasure boat to the Scheepvaartmuseum where the big party started.

Diner 23 locatie’s Dinner at 23 locations | 564 guests

At the request of Luidkeels / Dechesne & Boertje, we organized a sit-down dinner for 564 guests. The extraordinary thing was, the dinner took place at 23 locations simultaneously, throughout the whole of the Netherlands. The event was organized for an international business organization with over 8,000 members, 100 of whom live in the Netherlands. The aim was to offer international guests a warm welcome and to introduce them to Dutch conviviality.

Harry Potter dinerHarry Potter dinner | 122 guests

In partnership with Landgoed Nyenrode, we provided the catering for a silver wedding celebration with a Harry Potter theme. There was a large reception in Nyenrode Castle featuring falconers with owls, followed by a gala dinner and party in the Coach House and of course the event would not have been complete without closing drinks in the Cellar Bar. The experience was enhanced by the total styling of the event, from staff dressed as characters from the popular Harry Potter films, to amuse-bouches in the form of ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’ and ‘The Goblet of Fire’.

Kerstdiner KantoorpandChristmas dinner in office building | 385 guests

Every year in December, we organize a Christmas dinner for the entire staff in the atrium of an office building in Amsterdam. Each year there is a different colour scheme for decoration and furniture, this year it was decided to seat all 385 guests at long tables completely styled in the Christmas spirit with white decorations and Christmas trees.

Diner Tobacco AmsterdamDinner for Tobacco Amsterdam | 60 guests

For a large international company, we organized a last-minute, high-end, sit-down dinner for 60 people. In collaboration with renowned chef Stefan van Sprang from Aan de Poel restaurant, we served guests a four-course dinner where the lighting helped give each dish its own theme.

Galadiner Oude kerk AmsterdamGala dinner at Oude Kerk Amsterdam | 564 guests

A conference organized by an international business organization ended with a festive gala dinner in the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam. This beautiful church located in the vibrant heart of Amsterdam was fabulously decorated so that guests enjoyed an unforgettable evening including various performances.

Afscheidfeest parkeergarageFarewell party in a parking garage | 600 guests

To mark the departure of a board member of an insurance company, we organized a reception for the whole company. The entire parking garage was converted into a lounge club where the food was served from ‘live cooking’ buffets.

oranjeborrelOranjeborrel | 500 guests

An annual event that originally began as a drinks party for 80 people, has now grown into a huge networking event in Oudekerk a/d Amstel where some 500 guests enjoy tasty drinks and snacks.

Metakids WestergasfabriekMetakids Westergasfabriek | 240 guests

The Metakids Spring Lunch is an annual event that raises money for the Metakids Foundation. During the 2011 lunch for 230 guests, Select Catering, in partnership with Ron Blaauw’s kitchen team, raised € 245,818. Metakids is a private organization that does not receive government funding. It is entirely dependent on support from individual donors and contributions from companies to fund research into metabolic disorders.

Red BullRed Bull | 1,000 guests

In September 2011, Red Bull opened its new head office in Amsterdam-Noord in the NDSM area. It was a spectacular evening with performances by various well known artists, including Robin S. who was specially flown in by helicopter. Red Bull hostesses and our own staff served guests with a wide range of drinks and snacks.

Royal Huisman bootdoopRoyal Huisman boat christening | 120 guests

For the renowned shipyard company Royal Huisman, we organized the christening of the ‘Kamaxitha’ at the Scheepvaartmuseum for a German client. A full-day programme with an elaborate reception with Dixieland Band, sumptuous buffet lunch and of course, the official champagne christening.

Photography: Hans Westerink

EYE Film Instituut NederlandEYE Film Institute Netherlands | 350 guests

At the end of 2011, we organized our first event in the new building of the EYE Film Institute Netherlands. This end-of-year drinks party was organized to introduce the Amsterdam Partners to this extraordinary new event venue.

Radio KootwijkRadio Kootwijk | 144 guests

In historic terms, the Radio Kootwijk building is an important national monument and represents a unique industrial venue for events. At the request of a business consultancy, we organized a sumptuous four-course dinner for 144 guests here. The dinner was prepared in an open kitchen which allowed chefs and guests to interact more.

Scheepvaartmuseum diner NYSE Scheepvaartmuseum dinner NYSE | 100 guests

In the Tromp and De Ruyter Chambers, we organized a high-end event for the 100 most important clients of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. After a festive reception in the Tromp Chamber, where guests had the opportunity to visit an exhibition in the museum, they took their seats in the De Ruyter Chamber where they enjoyed a delicious four-course dinner.

opening scheepvaartmuseumOpening of the Scheepvaartmuseum | 300 guests

As one of the preferred suppliers of the Scheepvaartmuseum, we were part of the spectacular opening week. On Friday 30 September, an event was organized for the museum’s business contacts. It was a full evening programme in which guests were served a range of delicious snacks and drinks.