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Spirit Hosting & Promotions

To make a good impression on a conference or upon arrival and welcome at a reception is essential for the image of your company. Spirit Hosting & Promotions is the designated partner in the field of hostess services since 1990.

Spirit Hosting & Promotions is emerged from Select Catering and deploys since 1990 qualified employees in front of and behind the scenes during promotions, conferences and events and behind the front office of organizations. Spirit Hosting & Promotions is the lengthening of a large number of loyal and renowned organizations and consists of a network of 850 hostesses, promoters and receptionists. The company knows her employees will and finds the perfect match for every client.


Spirit Hosting & Promotions consists of 4 divisions: Hospitality Service, Retail Service, Reception Service and Faces.

Hospitality Service: selected on hospitality, professionalism and representativeness.

With the Hospitality Service, Spirit ensures that the guests of your event will be welcomed professional and with a smile. In case of a conference or an informal event, for every occasion Spirit has hosts and hostess that represent your company in the way you like.  

Retail Service: Specialists in the field of parfume and cosmetics, liquor, tobacco, but electronics and chocolate as well.

To promote a new product or reinvigorate an existing product? The experts in Retail Services of Spirit know like no other how to handle this. Spirit disposes of commercial promoters who are specialized in the field of parfume, cosmetics, liquor, tobacco but electronics and chocolate as well. Spirit puts together a sales team according to your wishes.  

Reception Service: Complete outsourcing of temporary receptionists

Spirit Hosting & Promotions knows as no other that the first impression of an organization starts at the receptionist or phone attendant. Reception Services can take care of this; if you need temporary assistance or complete outsourcing. All the employees are service oriented, because Spirit is active in the hostess business. Welcoming guests, answering the telephone, but also taking care of the planning for the meeting rooms within an organization are specialties of Spirit.

Faces: Your brands perfect face
A remarkable hostess at a shop opening, the perfect hostess at a chic dinner or a striking host at a flamboyant party, Faces ensures that your event is unforgettable. Through the close cooperation with professional stylists and visagists an appearance will be created that fits the image you want to have during your event.

Faces is developed from Spirit Hosting & Promotions and offers the same quality, professionalism and service orientation. Because of the meticulously strict selection, Faces arranges every time the right face matching with a brand or product. Faces of Spirit is your brands perfect face.

For further information please contact +31(0)20-6451145 of take a look at the website for an impression and more information www.spirithosting.nl/en/