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Select Catering helps you with the complete organization of your event



Food & Beverages

Every desired culinary aspect for your event can be arranged, if you wish a specific international menu, Michelin star chef present on your event, special selected wines, you name it. If your event has for example a Japanese theme, we will arrange an originally Japanese chef who makes the most beautiful Japanese dishes.

China, silver ware & equipment

All needed equipment and china will be provided by us. China and silver ware can be completely adjusted according to your wishes; stylish and modern like square plates, or classic traditional with real silver cutlery, porcelain and crystal.

Service & Hostesses

Select Catering provides standard a high quality in service, which is performed by our specially selected hosts and hostesses. All these ladies and gentlemen are specially trained and provided by Spirit Hosting & Promotions. For every single event is discussed who fits to the occasion and will be working during the event.

Furniture & Decoration

If we arrange the catering for our event, we will plan a sight visit to the location with you as soon as possible. Than we can discuss which style of furniture will fit best to your event and the location. Through different visuals and soon 3D movies, you can make your choice and see how your event will look like.

Location & Techniek

Besides our fixed locations we can arrange the catering for your event on every desired location. If you are organizing an event but did not choose a location yet, we can help you in this. After you have revealed your wishes, we will propose several locations from which you can choose, possibly after a sight visit. In case a location does not have a technical supplier, we can arrange this for you.

Select Catering organizes a range of events including staff parties, private functions, gala dinners and corporate events. With each event, Select Catering meets guests’ requirements when it comes to the culinary element, decoration and service. As a preferred supplier of the EYE Film Institute, the Scheepvaartmuseum and the Stedelijk Museum, Select Catering offers a wide variety of options to make your event unique from beginning to end. Select Catering works for direct clients as well as business consultancies and event management agencies.